• After rigorous outdoor testing of our flags - here are the results...

    This past summer (2014) we tested our flags by hoisting them up to the spreaders of Tom's Ranger 26 Sea Shanti to see if the flags would hold up to the very high winds of Narragansett Bay - They were up all day, everyday, without a break. Here's the results below.

    I'm happy to say they held up very well considering how windy our summer / fall was.The stitching held up with the exception of the "V" flag - you'll notice a small undoing of the stitching in the lower right hand corner. An easy fix. 

    Keep in mind the boat traveled all over Southern New England and Narragansett Bay is well known for consistent, high winds. We had many days where the winds were 40 knots + !

    There was some fading with the red - red is notoriously unstable (chemically speaking) in all kinds of paint applications and is always the first color to fade. Overall, we're very happy with the quality of the flags - woo-hoo!

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