How It all Began

When his daughter was born Trip wanted a unique way to announce her name to the world. A lifetime of living by the sea and a love of sailing lead him to the idea of spelling out his future first mate's named using signal flags, the international signals used by ships at sea to spell out short messages. After all, indoctrinating children with maritime lore should start at an early age. However the signal flags he found were expensive, uninspired and required that one purchase the entire signal alphabet rather than just the letters they wanted.
After searching online and in stores, Trip's journey was awash. Instead of abandoning ship, Trip worked with Mary, the local seamstress, to sew the flags from cotton. While they were handsome, they could not be flown outside and therefore were limited in their use. Trip knew there had to be a better way to celebrate maritime culture, one that was affordable to everyone. That is when was born.
We love bright, happy colors, sunny days and a good stiff breeze to fill our sails. Signal flags work best in those conditions. Based in Newport, Rhode Island, My Signal Flags wants to bring the maritime's colorful history into your life. Next time you drop anchor on our shores, please stop in and say "Ahoy!"